House in Remuera

The hour-glass shaped site presented with a few challenges; being in a reserved zone, a 2.5m level drop at the tightest point of only about 9m wide a very restrictive height in relation to boundary. The design strategy was to make use of the constraints as opportunities to create a very sculptural and contemporary home that connects the upper street entry part of the site with outdoor living space further down.

The design of the front facade is deliberately kept simple-showing restraint and revealing little. The articulation of the entry provides a hint that there's more beyond. The dynamic geometry of the design is achieved by merging the wall and roof planes through the triangulation of the shifts between floor plates. This sculptural quality of the external building form is carried through into the interior, providing interesting perspectives and spatial experience, and at the same time create a sense of spaciousness. The slot skylights further accentuates the sculptural quality of the internal spaces.

As one moves beyond the front, the strong sculptural form is slowly revealed and it became evident that the intriguing 3-dimensional geometry is derived from the response to the site and working with the development controls.