Ministry of Works (KKR) Headquarters

The concept proposal is to accommodate office space for 4000 staff, conference and retail facilities at ground level and basement parkings.

The Ministry of Works' primary function is to build Malaysia’s infrastructure in the context of environmental sensitivity, which brings the merging of two apparently opposing concepts. The first is focused on construction and the latter, on sustaining global ecology.

Analyzing the proposed building site provides a similar joining of apparently opposing principles. The site is uniquely situated immediately adjacent to expansive green environs, with a densely built urban environment to the East. The design concept explores an architectural connectivity between these two opposing landscapes; there is a conceptual merging of the surrounding landform with the vertical structure, creating an engaging interface between the two.

The inclusion of sky terraces facilitates this merge while providing exceptional public and private spaces, shade for internal offices, and passive filtered ventilation to the whole of the building. The terraces function as punctured circulation ramps for inter-floor connectivity while adding an intriguing iconic gesture to the façade; a rich and three-dimensional texture reminiscent of traditional Malaysian batik.

A single central core is utilized for efficiency in circulation and interconnectivity, with a "vortex tube" and reflectors above an internal atrium providing passive tempering of internal environments and abundant diffused natural lighting. This, in conjunction with photovoltaic panels on the roof and the passive cooling and shading of the "sky terraces", provides an iconic representation of sustainable solutions.

With these attributes combined, the concept iconically expresses interaction between the function and the context in which the Ministry of Works operates, while responding directly to the immediate site and greater landscape, demonstrating KKR's commitment to the progress and wellbeing of the Malaysian peoples.

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