Fashion Blog [Benetton International Design Competition Teheran]

The building is an interactive fashion show. A changing façade that is interactive with the elements and people- who can influence what the building “wears” by direct interaction. The use of water as an interactive façade allows people to unconsciously control the look of the architecture simply by touching it, thus altering the course of the water flow. Similar to a fashion blog, the interaction by individuals can produce dramatic results at a much larger scale – a simple touch of the water façade at the high level terrace for example will create a big change in the architectural form. The water façade will also change it’s appearance, responding to reflection from the sun and movement by the wind.

The program derives from overlaying and merging a rotated grid of the city to create a new dynamic. The inter-play of the plaza and shopping levels, which are accessed via ramps and bridges further reinforce the idea of “stitching” to the existing urban fabric.

Referencing and interpreting the vernacular in the traditional way people use their space, beyond symbolism or mimicking, enables the architecture to be free from the boundary of tradition. A new and contemporary language for the city is created – like a fashion blog, the architecture is the medium for which freedom of expression takes place.

Perspective 08.jpg
Level 7 - Apartments.jpg
Level Benetton - Retail.jpg
Level Retail - Streaming Plaza.jpg
1 - Office 2.jpg
1 - Office scene 1.jpg