Department of Labour Fit-out

The brief is to deliver the client a contemporary work place which promotes team work, efficiency and also expresses the client organization’s brand of being open, fair and helpful. it is important to realize right from the beginning that a simple but rigorous concept is required to deliver a quality design that addresses the same issue every organization faces in a competitive employment market- of staff recruitment, retention and satisfaction- whether it’s a global corporation or a government department with relatively tight budget like this project.

Presented with the challenge of a rather awkward floor plate, the design uses a simple diagonal line to connect the 2 open plan office space. From this a circulatory zone is created where a “staff hub” is strategically located to promote interactions and offers an alternative work and meeting space. This is also an efficient use of space in that it also serves as a main thoroughfare.

To increase the visual depth of the space, the design of this “diagonal line” is constructed with stained oval shaped timber sticks, randomly fixed in front of a full height frameless glass partition with custom designed graphics to add visual interest, texture and warmth.

The “stuff hub” itself is designed with a conscious attempt to create many interesting angles and perspectives to enhance the spatial experience. This is achieved mainly through the oblique placement of the bar bench wedged between 2 formed circular columns, creating a strong visual anchorage.

The material, colour and texture palette is rich but un-overwhelming. Although the floor plates are identical, each floor has its own distinctive flavour and tone. Particular attention is paid to the lighting design in the staff hub to highlight focal areas to create a warm, inviting and comfortable ambience, setting a contract to the general task lighting in the open plan office space. In contrast, a definitive air of calm pervades public areas where clean lines and simplicity are paired with the warmth of nature-inspired patterns and materials.

Resourceful and skilful selection of furniture, furnishings and fittings was instrumental for achieving a solution within the modest budget parameters.


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