CIDB Convention Centre


The 22ha CIDB area is an under-developed prime site, located by the Chan Sow Lin LRT station. The site is strategically located at the confluence of two of Kuala Lumpur’s ‘Smart Highways’ (E38 & E20), 3 km from the city centre. The potential re-zoning and intensification of the site to a mixed use commercial development provides an important opportunity to maximise the site’s development potential.

The proposed 440,000sqm mixed-use development will embrace and rejuvenate the existing LRT station and bus interchange. The primary design initiative focuses on the spaces between the buildings, creating a pedestrian focused cultural destination.

The design concept is to create an integrated language of buildings and spaces to develop a contiguous flow amongst the various elements of the proposed development. Central to the proposal are landscaped plaza and gardens defined by the station to the west and becomes the arrival space for station patrons. The plaza orients visitors to various destinations within the development. It also unfolds into two levels to create multi-use spaces, covered links, as well as day and night programmes.

Two towers, the tallest being 21 storeys in height, will mark the new development. The folded form of the building facades unifies the development and creates a distinctive identity for each tower. The towers and the ground planes are sculpted to create visual connections along major axes. They are also orientated to minimize shadow impact on adjacent public spaces and provide night views to the Kuala Lumpur CBD from elevated planes.