Private Banking ANZ & The National Bank

Having recently completed a re-branding exercise, the Private Banking division of the ANZ National Bank wanted their branch refurbished to reflect their new brand; the branch is to be an architectural manifestation of the new branding philosophy – elegant, refined, high quality, understated and functional.

The design focused on creating a uniquely Private Banking experience with the space well defined into 3 zones – The Arrival, The Lobby and The Reception. The 3 zones provide a seamless transition creating a progressive spatial experience.

The Arrival - This is the first impression of the Private Banking – refreshing, contemporary, uncluttered and restrained. White marble tiled floor in a subtle directional pattern to indicate direction of travel. Warm white painted wall and lighting to express the sense of understated class and quality.

The Lobby - Through the frameless glass door, one enters perhaps the most important zone in the whole scheme of the design. Making use of the otherwise limited lift corridor space to create a dramatic entry statement to Private Banking and thus extending the spatial experience. A deliberate use of darker stone to create a vaulted gallery, contrasting the arrival zone to invoke a sense of substance and reassurance. This idea is further reinforced by the hand engraved “Private Banking” signage onto the stone itself. Dark stained slatted timber ceiling is designed to accentuate the direction of movement while providing acoustic absorption to the space. The white stone tiled floor is carried through into this space to signify that the “destination” is beyond this space. Lighting is more selective and dramatic – focusing on the sculptures and artwork display to heighten the senses and experience. This space provides an alternative spill out area for larger functions.

Reception - Less is more, especially with a panoramic harbour and city view; simple, open and un-ostentatious to the irregular space. The central column is combined with the self-serve bar to become a feature/anchor point with specialist plaster and textured graphics. Full height glass operable partitions separate the meeting rooms and the lobby area, creating an illusion of space and openness.

The success of the design lies in the innovative use of a very tight space, turning a redundant lift lobby corridor into a spatial experience that expresses the client’s brand; a sharp contrast to what one might expect from the street level prior to their arrival at the Private Banking floor.