√2 [Garden Goes Balcony Design Competition]

In architecture the application of the golden section is said to require the integration of the whole scope of the design from the site to the minute detail. Modularity and sequences of measurements were a modernist hope for the achievement of human betterment through better architecture.

While the balcony traditionally has been an architectural element between indoor and outdoor life, it should be seen as a part of both. When doors to the balcony are opened it becomes an extension of the living environment and the views from the balcony create a link with the outdoors. The quality of life can be improved by creating an indoor / outdoor experience.

The focal point of the √2 balcony furniture design is the wrap over the balustrade, as it becomes a combination of design, decoration and architecture.

The stools can be combined to become a coffee table and allow creation of different scenarios to suit each person’s needs, bringing back the focus to flexibility and modularity of the golden section, by structuring the pieces into non-equal divisions that establish scale and generate more interest by increased amount of detail.

GGB  -Tea Time1.png
GGB  -Tea Time2.png
GGB - Barbeque1.png
GGB - Barbeque2.png
GGB - Dinner1.png
GGB - Dinner2.png